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Week 7: NFL Stadiums Put On The Fans’ Black List


About a month ago, the NFL started its feud with President Donald Trump who made it clear that he will not have the players disrespect the whole country by keeling during the national anthem. Ever since, things have gone downhill for the league. They have been losing views and ratings, people no longer buy tickets to watch their games and empty stadiums have become the new normal.

After a sixth week of bad reviews for the NFL, everyone expected that Commissioner Roger Goodell’s letter asking players to stand would solve the issue would make things better, reports Proud Americans.

However, it seems like it only made things worse. Look at how stadiums looked as the league entered Week 6:


It seems like things are still the same as the NFL enters its 7th week of protests:

The NFL executives had quite a lot of time to stop these protests, but they chose not to take any action against these disrespectful protesters. Now, they are paying the price for that decision.

If things don’t take a turn for the better soon, NFL players will have to consider continuing their careers elsewhere. Fans are so fed up with the NFL, it will take a lot of make things right again.



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