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TAKE A LOOK: White House Releases Official Portrait Of First Lady Melania Trump


During the time when Donald Trump was still campaigning for the 2016 presidential election, people couldn’t help but notice that he and his wife made the perfect couple. They were the type of people everyone would want as a First Couple. Even before Trump became President, people had the chance to see that they are both smart, beautiful people who had each other’s backs.

Since the moment they became the First family, we have been waiting to see their official portraits. Now, the White House has released the official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump. We are at lost for the right words to describe just how stunning she looks.

By now, you probably know that Melania used to be a professional model. Because of his, we’re not surprised that she knew just how to pose for her first official portrait as first lady.

Dressed in a black ensemble with her arms crossed, wearing a large ring on each hand, Melania smiled at the camera while looking right at it. According to the statement made by a spokeswoman from the first lady’s office, photographer for the portrait was Regine Mahaux.

More details about the portrait were revealed by CNN. According to their report, the photograph was taken in the West Sitting Hall of the White House private residence.

This is not the first time Trump worked with Mahaux, they had worked together on some high-glamour editorial images in the past, reports American Lookout.

We didn’t expect anything less from our gorgeous First Lady. Her black tuxedo-style jacket, with a sequined neckerchief was just the perfect choice for this type of photograph. She looks fantastic and there is no one that can deny that.



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