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Obama Named America’s Deadliest President in History After FBI Releases His Horrifying Secret


We’ve seen numerous times before how the mainstream media has been twisting stories and feeding people a lot of lies just to make President Trump look bad compared to former President Barack Obama. However, the one thing they can never twist is facts.

According to the newly released F.B.I. statistics for the year 2016, it turns out that far more police officers were assaulted compared to the few criminal blacks who were shot by police officers attempting to protect the communities they’re assigned to protect.

In the last year of Obama’s presidency, there was a big increase in the number of assaulted police officers and officers who were “feloniously killed” in the line-of-duty. Still, he told Americans stories about the complete opposite.

Maybe by supporting groups like Black Lives Matter, Obama fueled the racial division, causing the number of racial incidents to rise. After having an eight-year-long presidency, we hoped that he knew what he was doing.

The statistics might be so low because he spent his two terms seeding racial anxieties and building a well-funded army of street activists, reports P45DT.

After seeing the statistics Peter Kirsanow, an attorney and member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, made the conclusion that police officers have been pulling back their policing efforts in many black neighborhoods. He said:

“That blacks are killed two and a half times more often than whites are by policemen.  However, when you take a look at that statistic that is far less than what the data would predict given black crime rates. 
Take New York City for example.  Blacks are not two and a half times more likely to commit crimes. Blacks in New York City are thirty-five times more likely to commit robberies than whites, thirty-eight times more likely to commit murders, and fifty-one times more likely to engage in shootings regardless of whether or not it results in a homicide.
So, when you think of about two and a half times versus 51 times, the type of police involvement that you would expect from those kinds of stats is far below than what would be predicted.”


Obama should have worked harder to solve the race problem in American, he had the power to do that since he was the first black President. However, all he did is make the problem a lot bigger. Now, it’s up to President Trump to take care of the mess left being by Obama.



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