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Bill O’Reilly Gives STUNNING Announcement – HE’S BACK


Bill O’Reilly is a very famous TV host who had his own show on Fox News Channel, called ‘The O’Reilly factor.’ Earlier this year, he was accused of sexually harassing several women, after what he lost his job at Fox News. Now, he decided that it was the perfect time to make some surprising revelations.

According to what O’Reilly just revealed, he wasn’t the only one accused of sexual harassment after 21st Century Fox fired CEO Roger Ailes.

This Saturday, his spokesman came forward with a statement, revealing that 21st Century Fox knew that one of the news analysts wanted to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against O’Reilly right after his contract was renewed. He new contract included a $32 million settlement.

O’Reilly went on to say that 21st Century Fox paid a lot of money to women who said they would press sexual harassment charges and cause a big scandal, reports RedStateWatcher. 

He also added that during the 20 years he worked for Fox News, not one colleague had said anything bad about him, let alone accuse him of sexual harassment.

Still, Fox News hasn’t said anything about the accusations. The only thing they said was that they stood by the decision they made, because he ultimately settled the matter personally, paying the women a certain price only to keep quiet about the harassment claims.



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