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Oprah Has Made Official Announcement About 2020 Run for President


Democrats really didn’t expect Donald Trump to score a win at the 2016 presidential election. After the initial shock passed, they realized that they should start planning how to beat Trump in the next elections.

It seems that they’ve found the perfect Hollywood-type leftist diva that could represent them – Oprah Winfrey. At first, many though it was just a rumor that she could run for President in 2020. But, Oprah just re-tweeted a story about such a possibility, fueling the claims once again:


The billionaire media mogul said that she had never thought about running for President, but Trump’s win at the 2016 presidential elections made her wonder if running for president is the next big thing for her. She said:

“I never considered the question, even a possibility, but now, after seeing Trump win, I just thought, ‘Oh, oh?’”


Even though she hasn’t really been active on the political scene, in 2007 Oprah was a vocal supporter of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. She also revealed that she considers the Obama family as close friends of hers, reports USA Newsflash. 

During an interview for CBS News, Oprah said that she has fantasized about running for the Vice Presidential position:

”I think you could break news here today … 2020, I’m wondering if you’ve narrowed down your short list of VP candidates? […] Well you can be safe with that. There will be no running for office of any kind for me.”




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