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North Korea Might Have Just Nuked Themselves From Their Own Nuclear Test Site


Powerful weapons in the hands of unstable people is a big problem. Yes, you know who are we talking about. Desperate to get their way in the international community, North Korea is sending threat after threat to the United States and President Donald Trump. These threats come in the form of missile tests which Trump and his administration are not going tolerate any longer. We’re just happy we finally have a president who is brave enough to make the tough decisions that the previous administration was not.

What North Koreans don’t seem to understand is that the missile tests might be doing more damage to their own country than anyone else. Kim Jong Un has started testing nuclear weapons, which has been completely opposite to what he has been told to do by the world leaders around him.

But now, the area where they are currently testing the bombs have seen 4 earthquakes, meaning that they will no longer be able to test weapons there.

“The explosion from the Sept. 3 test had such power that the existing tunnels within the underground testing site might have caved in,” said Kim So-gu, who serves as a researcher from Korea Seismological Institute.
“I think the Punggye-ri region is now pretty saturated. If it goes ahead with another test in this area, it could risk radioactive pollution,” he added.

According to these statements, another detonation could have catastrophic consequences to the nation. The earthquakes aren’t the only threat. There is also a volcano nearby named Mount Paektu. These tests could cause eruptions which would cause even more damage.

Now they have plans to conduct tests above the ground, reports Daily Lightify.

“It’s likely that North Korea will conduct its next nuclear test in the stratosphere, or about 100 to 300 kilometers from the ground, where it will be able to conduct more powerful detonations,” Kune Yull Suh, a professor at Seoul National University, said.

These people are either very stubborn or extremely stupid. Or maybe both. Either way, it’s clear that they are not going to stop.


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