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Breaking: She Did It!! She Just Called For The Death Of Trump!!


Yes, freedom of speech is a great thing, but let’s not forget the good-old saying that “words cut deeper than knives.” In this case, however, the more appropriate phrase would be “words might get you arrested.” Here’s the story of Kelly Ellis, a software engineer at Google for more than four years. She claimed she suffered sexual harassment at the company.

Google refused to comment on the series of tweets from he former employee who claimed she was sexually harassed by her superiors.

Kelly Ellis said that superiors commented on her physical appearance, and also made inappropriate comments about other women.

“I’ve tweeted in the past about being afraid to burn bridges. Fuck them bridges. They’re not worth my self respect,” Ellis tweeted.

She explained how a superior said he was “taking all of my self control not to grab your ass right now” during a company trip to Maui.

Fearing that the incident may damage her professional career, Ellis had to laugh off many of the comments and didn’t report to the company’s human resources department. According to her, Google reprimanded her and didn’t offer any support.

“Rod Chavez is an engineering director at Google, he sexually harassed me Google did nothing about it. Reprimanded me instead of him,” Ellis said.

Ellis was a senior software engineer at Google in the period between 2010 and 2014, reports World Politicus. She has also written about women’s role in the tech industry, pointing out that women sometimes don’t have a role at all.

However, before you say “poor girl” and feel sorry for her, keep in mind that the very same Ellis now came out with another statement, saying that President Trump should be killed.

“I was just thinking to myself I kinda hope he’s assassinated but OTOH I want it to be as painful as possible,” Ellis said.

Considering her own experience, Ellis should have known how powerful words can be, especially when they are intended to hurt.


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