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Guess What Federal Judge Takes Away From State Department, DOJ — Hillary Is Boiling Mad


Hillary Clinton has been a consistently annoying fixture in American politics. She saw herself redefining the role of the first lady during Bill’s presidency, as well as the role women would play in America’s body politic. And both roles were very unpleasant to watch.

No one thought it was possible, but after her Sore Loser Book Tour, she has become even more irritating. The whole point of her book and tour was to convince people her defeat at the hands of Donald Trump is not her fault. Instead, she placed the blame on everyone else she could think of – voters, Russia, fake news, Comey etc. She even pointed finger at organizations such as the mainstream media that served as just another branch of her campaign team.

And despite the tremendous amount of evidence regarding many of her crimes, she insists she did no wrong, that the media and others blew it out of proportion, and all of this unjustly contributed to her defeat. Her problem is that all of this will be put to the test in court. A federal judge has decided to look at all redacted emails involving Hillary during her tenure as secretary of state.

Judge Kollar-Kotelly also ordered the State Department to file an affidavit addressing why it should not have to search new Clinton emails recovered. In taking these steps, the court rejected arguments by the Tillerson State Department and its lawyers at the Sessions Justice Department, reports The Sports Hall.

“The court will review the blacked-out information so as to better ascertain whether the government misconduct exception would require the release of the full emails. Generally speaking, the government misconduct exception prevents government agencies from withholding information that would shed light on government wrongdoing under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA),” according to Judicial Watch.

As annoying and offensive as Hillary is, it would be interesting to watch the Democrats squirm as she associates their party with corruption yet again.


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