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Virginia Bar Says No to the NFL, No Games Until Players Show Respect


People are talking about the NFL national anthem protests now more than ever. While a lot of people are supportive of the players who took a stand for racial minorities, there are a lot of people who don’t appreciate how those same players have disrespected this country by kneeling during the anthem.

A bar owner from Fairfax, Va. has just done something very unexpected. R.L. Butler and his wife Karen made the decision not to show NFL games in their bar as long as players continued this protest. Butler’s statement for MRCTV read:

“I decided that I will no longer be showing the NFL games. The players should learn to respect our national anthem plus our flag.”




One of the reasons why the owner decided to do this was because this daughter is in the military, reports MRCTV. He said:

“One of my children is in the military, served in Afghanistan. I started thinking, ‘what were to happen if she would have come home in a body bag or disabled or in a wheelchair?'”


Butler told MRCTV that other bars have also joined, so they hope that if enough bars get together and say “enough,” the protests will stop. Some were concerned that this would make the bars lose business, but the complete opposite is happening. A Naval veteran said this about Fat Tuesday’s:

“My heart goes out, and this place has our 100 percent support. I stand behind what they’re doing and their decision.”



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